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Request a Second Opinion

Is your financial plan on track? Find out with our complimentary, confidential second opinion service. Our goal is to explore your wealth goals – where you are now, where you would like to go, and any gaps in your existing financial plan that need to be addressed.

Getting Started

The second opinion process begins with scheduling a complimentary discovery meeting with a Ferrara Kampstra wealth advisor. We discuss your personal and financial goals so that we can determine the best course of action for your individual needs.

If You Have a Current Plan

We'll review it with you to see how well it's serving your current financial needs. If in our review process we determine that your plan is serving you well, we'll let you know right away.

If You Don't Have a Plan

If you don't have a plan, or if your current plan is out-of-date or not serving your financial needs, we''ll draft a complimentary, confidential investment plan that addresses your goals and optimizes your wealth through your business life into retirement.

Next Steps

Our next step is to schedule an investment plan meeting where we review the customized plan with you, answer any specific questions and determine whether the plan is aligned with your objectives.

If Ferrara Kampstra can be beneficial to you and your financial goals, we'll move forward with you in the wealth management process. If we're not a good fit, we'll assist you in locating the appropriate resources.

Schedule Your Meeting

Please complete our form or call (717) 334-0097 to schedule your complimentary 90-minute second opinion meeting.

During our confidential meeting we'll explore every aspect of your wealth, from wealth creation to wealth protection to preserving your legacy.