Advanced Planning & Network of Experts

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Ferrara Kampstra's services include certified financial planning, investment
consulting and qualified plan advising

Advanced Planning Process

An extension of our core Consultative Process, the Advanced Planning process includes a comprehensive evaluation of your financial needs, where we coordinate with a network of experts to provide a complete set of recommendations for moving forward. The goal of the advanced planning process is to not only protect and grow your wealth, but to also to ensure that the transfer of wealth, whether to family or charitable organizations, occurs problem free. Our Advanced Planning process includes:
  • Wealth EnhancementWealth Enhancement - Strategies to mitigate income taxes that enable you to keep more of your hard-earned money
  • Wealth TransferWealth Transfer - Ensuring your wealth will take care of you and your family in the future
  • default_titleWealth Protection - Putting barriers in place to prevent your wealth from being unjustly taken from you
  • default_titleCharitable Planning - Leveraging your wealth to benefit society through charitable planning
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Industry surveys show that only 6 percent of financial advisors proactively address their clients’ advanced planning needs, however at Ferrara Kampstra we consider the Advanced Planning process, along with the coordinating activities with your advisors (network of experts), critical to your overall financial health.

Network of Experts

Wealth management is more than investment consulting. Business owners have specialized needs and we work with a network of experts that can address those needs. As your wealth manager, we can coordinate with your trusted professionals, or we have experts in specialized fields that we can use to address wealth enhancement, wealth transition, wealth protection, charitable giving.