Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wealth manager?

We work with you and your other advisors such as your accountant and attorney to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses wealth protection, wealth enhancement, and wealth transfer to ensure the best financial plan for your needs.

Who is Geneos Wealth Management?

Geneos Wealth Management is our broker-dealer and the registered investment advisor that supervises us. They work with a select group of 400 advisors, including Ferrara Kampstra. Geneos Wealth Management helps with our compliance, technology, and back office operations so that we can focus on spending time with our clients.

I have a pretty good handle on my finances, why do I need a wealth manager?

We know that many successful business owners feel they have a good handle on their personal finances; however there are situations where working with a professional can be of great benefit to you. A wealth manager can provide an objective, high-level view of your financial life and to act as a second set of eyes on your financial situation. With our experience, we can uncover opportunities that may have been overlooked.

As your Personal CFO we help to organize and manage your financial life; this enables you to make well-informed financial decisions and focus on what matters most to you while we coordinate with your other professional advisors, saving you time and eliminating the headaches that can come when information is not shared. Finally, we have access to investment strategies and products that are available only through an independent advisor.