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How Advisors Get Paid: Understanding Fees and Commissions
Along with working with an advisor you trust, it’s equally important to clearly understand the fees and expenses associated with your financial plan and investments. Financial planning fees and commissions have been getting a lot of attention lately. Advisors are exploring new fee structures, regulatory bodies are trying to increase transparency/disclosure and the industry is abuzz with discussions on how to best serve clients while being compensated fairly. Download the full article.

For Business Owners

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Choosing a Financial Professional to Manage Your Company’s Retirement Plan
Deciding what to do with your own retirement plan is challenging enough— when you’re charged with caring for an entire company’s plan as a plan sponsor, the administrative, compliance and investment responsibilities associated with managing it may simply be too much. Hiring a financial advisor to help you through this process can allow you to attract and retain a better class of employees with a stellar, well-run retirement plan. Download the full article.
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Estate Planning for Small Businesses
Estate planning ensures the financial security of your loved ones after you are gone. As a business owner, estate planning takes on even greater importance, as a significant portion of your wealth (and your family’s source of income after you are gone) is likely tied up in your business. Failing to put safeguarding measures into place for your business can leave your business legacy by the wayside. It’s important to start estate planning early and communicate and reassess with your advisors, business partners and family. With an estate plan in place, you can feel confident that your business and your loved ones will be taken care of, no matter what. Download the full article.
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Investing for Small Business Owners
As a small business owner, you have to consider many aspects of investment that an individual investor may be able to overlook. With your business assets and legacy at stake, it’s important to understand investing strategy in order to avoid the common investing mistakes that many small business owners make. Small business owners by nature are entrepreneurs, and this type of innovative personality often means that you are likely to take risks. However, while risk‐taking may be necessary when starting a company, investing in a risky manner can ultimately endanger the very thing you want to protect—your business. Download the full article.
Retirement Planning for Small Businesses
Retirement planning provides a safety net for the future and can be beneficial to both employers and employees. By exploring your options for retirement plans, you can find one that optimizes your small‐business needs and provides the best savings for your business and your employees. Retirement plans for small businesses can come in the form of IRAs, defined benefit plans or defined contribution plans, and vary based on how much flexibility you want and how much you can afford to contribute to employee plans. Download the full article.
Top Small Business Tax Deductions
The tax burdens that come with owning a business can be discouraging, especially for first‐time business owners. However, these additional taxes come hand‐in‐hand with additional tax deductions. Understanding and correctly using these deductions can be crucial to the success of your business, while using them incorrectly can lead to unwanted attention from the IRS. Small businesses are three times more likely to be audited than individuals are, but this is more often due to genuine mistakes than deliberate fraud. Before filing taxes for your business, it’s important to understand what qualifies as a business expense and what qualifies as a personal expense so that you only file for legal business deductions. Download the full article.